Please join us and help us serve our community.
We welcome new members of our team.

​A fun day of volunteering at the Placer Food Bank

We have enjoyed volunteering at the Placer Food Bank this year.  Our schedule for 2019 will be available soon.  Please join us for a rewarding and fun experience (about two hours).

Contact Service Team Leader Karen Meredith for questions and to sign up:

Service Team

We are committed to effectively living our Democratic values by participating in community activities.  

Our goal is to become more actively involved in our community and to build bridges in a non-partisan

way within Lincoln and the greater Placer county area.  We seek to increase dialog with our neighbors

by participating in activities of common interest.  We volunteer as a group at the Placer Food Bank,

support local activities such as the Fourth of July Celebration, Farmers Market, participate in the

Creek Fest to clean our nature preserve, and make contributions to local charitable groups.  

It is fun to put on our blue "Proud to be a Lincoln Democrat" t-shirt and be seen and heard as

an active and involved group in our community.